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Apache log4j Issue – HIWARE Not Affected

The recent attacks raised alarms over the widely used software and companies are losing no time to fix the issue. Although it is not very famous among end-users, most companies use this software to support their online presence. Some companies have already been hacked but quickly fixed the issue, like Minecraft owned by Microsoft, and some companies protected themselves before they were attacked.

Our solution HIWARE, luckily, is not affected by the incident since our program does not use Log4j. It is a big relief for our partners and clients.

As a result of Apache Log4j analysis: ‘No Log4jected by CVE-2021-44228 was found.’ As a result, it was confirmed that HIWARE had no effect on Log4j.

Looking at the incident, the problem with the Apache Log4j vulnerability is due to the time and effort that is necessary to fix the issue completely. It is referred to as the worst hack in history by many cybersecurity executives because it is very difficult to roll out patches before getting attacked by hackers since it is a serious bug and the software is used by many developers in many programs.
The reason why this incident is so dangerous s that if this vulnerability is exploited, the hacker would be able to take control of Java-based web servers and launch remote-code execution attacks, which could give them control of the computer servers. That could open up a host of security-compromising possibilities.
Companies should keep stay on alert and end-users should update their programs if they receive such notification.

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