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April 26th, 2022 Cybersecurity Seminar in the Philippines

Our first seminar after a long break due to the pandemic has finally happened!

On April 26th, we have gathered with amazing people from various companies and discussed about cybersecurity topics as well as an introduction of our own solutions. The event was co-hosted with another prominent Korean cybersecurity vendor.

The event started with a warm welcome speech by our local partner and continued with a discussion about cybersecurity problems different companies are facing recently. Most of the concerns aligned perfectly with our solution and what it brings to the table.

After a presentation of how we can solve the data security concerns with HIWARE and our co-host, a great lunch followed the presentations. It was a lovely time connecting to professionals in the industry over lunch and coffee after. Once everyone finished their deserts and coffee, the most exciting part has began: lucky draw. Some of our lucky participants had won great gifts from us, as well as others who have answered our quiz questions during the presentations.

It was a lovely day meeting great people in the Philippines. Now that the event is over, we are doing follow-up meetings with companies that attended. We hope that new opportunities are created and we can go back in the future!

Data Masking
18 Apr: Data Masking

Data masking, also known as data obfuscation, hides the actual data using modified content like characters or numbers. The idea behind data masking is creating another version of data that cannot be easily identifiable or reverse engineered, protecting data classified as sensitive.

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