Integrated Identity and Access Management solution actively responding to next-generation security paradigm
HIWARE, an integrated IAM soltuion which has adopted the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud, is the flagship product of NETAND that has developed various solutions with the best technology.
The next-generation IAM solution which can adopt AI-based threat analysis technology
Detects and blocks a security threat in advance with smart AI-based, next-generation security technology
OK in Cloud/ Isolated network environment as well
Strengthens security depending on a user’s work encironment and supports diverse Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer
The highest convenience with no barrier among diverse infrastructure
IPv6, Non Active-X, Windows/MAC, Multi-language, Multi-browser

HIWARE Products

Selective Solutions
HIWARE’s 7 solutions can be installed in an integrated or selective solutions according to on a client’s needs.
Maximization of work efficiency through integration
In case more than 2 solutions of HIWARE are integrated, it is able to manage the security of system, DBMS and AD with the same policy and process on the single UI. Furthermore, management efficiency can be maximized under diverse work environments.
Prevention of security loophole through integrated management
Just one solution is enough to cover diverse target devices and solution functions. HIWARE prevents even a tiny security loophole with different
Identity Management for System
Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security Devices
Identity Management for Database
Identity Management Active Directory
Previleged Access Management for System
Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security Devices
Previleged Access Management for Database
Mobile OTP


Under the gateway proxy approach in which the solution is positioned at the front of the IT infrastructure system, it has no effect on a conventional user’s system. It is a ‘gateway to security’, making all system users go through HIWARE.

Case study

Our customer, one of the Philippines’ leading Mobile Network services provider spent lots of costs and manpower to manage IT infra like switch, router and server. Especially the customer IT intra team, they had issues of devices account ID&PWD information sharing among theirs staff. And they had no policy of devices access authority. In addition, devices access history and audit report was not existed. So when system failure was occurred, they had faced lots of problems and took huge time to the cause and solve it.
  • No User Authentication
  • No Authority Management
  • No Access History Management
  • High Risk with inefficient
  • Difficult to trouble shooting
  • Strong User Authentication
  • Efficient User/System Account Management
  • Monitoring accessed user's activity on Real-time basis
  • Access Target Device with inputting ID/Password
  • Detailed Audit Report
To meet the customer’s needs, HIWARE prevents users to directly access to critical system provide unified remote access route via HIWARE for control and managing in center. And issue a HIWARE account to remotely access to device for stronger security and provides user authentication function with IP/MAC address check. In addition, HIWARE provides various features like real-time monitoring of all access session activities; detailed logs audit, password leakage prevention; leapfrog through password management system auto-login function and illegal account detection by account provisioning to prevent security incidents.