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Importance of SECaaS Security Amid the Rapidly Growing Cloud Environment in the Age of Digitalization

Security as a service (SECaaS), providing specialized security through a cloud infrastructure, minimizes resource investment in cost, time and manpower for cloud-enabled enterprises to gain critical security practices. The ‘untact’ (non face-to-face) phenomenon is spreading to industries that have traditionally been only face-to-face, and the recent in person auctions are also moving toward full digitalization, indication that the transition to an ‘untact’ environment is now rapidly spreading across society.

NETAND is also moving to SECaaS security services to follow with the latest trend. It has announced it’s plan to provide system access control and account management solutions in the form of existing on-premises in the form of SECaaS.

NETAND’s integrated access control and account management solution HIWARE provides functions such as managing access records, automatically changing passwords and passwords to support cloud and legacy environments. It is currently being introduced and used by more than 500 large companies and public institutions in Korea and abroad.

NETAND explained that small and medium-sized companies, unlike large companies, are preparing for an increase in demand for SECaaS solutions considering the lack of IT security personnel and burden of server introduction and maintenance.

The company plans to provide HIWARE with major functions such as access control and account management for security of major resources of institutions by purchasing licenses without establishing separate servers. In this case, customers can reduce their initial implementation or maintenance costs and apply them flexibly regardless of the target equipment and OS, enabling efficient base operational management.

NETAND also expects that if it provides solutions in the form of SECaaS, it can reduce manpower consumption, such as automatic distribution of the latest updated version and fast response to failures, and it can provide services in the form of SECaaS without direct visits due to the corona pandemic. “SECaaS-type HIWARE is being prepared to be released this year,” said an official from NETAND, “Some customers in Southeast Asia are considering introducing SECaaS-type HIWARE this year.”

[Source: Boannews]

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