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Increase in hacking incidents due to personal information leakage

According to EQST’s recent annual report 2021, accidents caused by personal information leakage were the highest among the types of hacking accidents in 2020 as 34% in Korea and 33% overseas. Subsequently, data/system encryption via ransomware was 24% in Korea and 20% in overseas countries.

In Korea, spam mail, SMTP to use smishing, SMS server hijacking, the purpose of dominating internal systems, and the deface attack for the purpose of website modulation accounted for 10 percent. The purpose of internal information leakage and attacks aimed at distributing malware followed by 7% and 3% respectively.

Most recent personal information leaks are often traded on the Dark Web. Therefore, it is recommended to change passwords periodically to prevent personal information leakage and to prevent further damage using different accounts/passwords on different sites.

Data Masking
18 Apr: Data Masking

Data masking, also known as data obfuscation, hides the actual data using modified content like characters or numbers. The idea behind data masking is creating another version of data that cannot be easily identifiable or reverse engineered, protecting data classified as sensitive.

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