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Online Export Consultation for Excellent Data Companies by Data Global

On November 11th, an “Online Export Consultation Event for Korean Data Companies” was held at the Seoul Partners House Convention Hall to explore overseas markets for Korean data companies.

The event was held for 11 domestic data companies that were restricted from overseas business activities due to restrictions on overseas departure and participation in face-to-face exhibitions due to the prolonged spread of COVID-19, and NETAND also participated in meetings with a total of eight buyers, including Japan, India, Hong Kong, and Kuwait.

Selected as an excellent company NETAND participated this project to receive a support for localization, overseas expansion, and overseas marketing to lay the foundation for overseas expansion of excellent domestic data companies with global capabilities. Also, NETAND received a lot of interest and Q&A through those meeting with the prospect buyers and raised expectations for the partnership.

Data Masking
18 Apr: Data Masking

Data masking, also known as data obfuscation, hides the actual data using modified content like characters or numbers. The idea behind data masking is creating another version of data that cannot be easily identifiable or reverse engineered, protecting data classified as sensitive.

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