IM for Active Directory

HIWARE Identity Management for Active Directory is developed to make up for a human error and security loophole from manual AD account management. It automatically manages AD accounts through consistent policies and unified management cycle by linking AD, HR system and server all together.

HIWARE Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management for System
Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security Devices
Identity Management for Database
Identity Management Active Directory

Main Features

  • Collects accounts of all systems and OS in HIWARE’s agentless technology.
  • Improves security with SSH collection mode
  • Provisioning management such as creation/ change/ deletion of accounts in batch
  • Application and management of account policies in diverse ways
  • Linkage with all systems and easy real-user synchronization
  • Automatic authority setting & password management on each user account
  • Integrated management of passwords
  • Auto-password change through scheduling
  • Diverse creation rule setting and periodic password change
  • Notifying the administrator of password change
  • Regular check on the validity of user account
  • Auto detection of threatening from ghost/ broken, inactive and locked accounts
  • Detection of accounts with an expired ID/Password and auto-locking
  • Auto locking and deletion of unnecessary accounts
  • The locked account can be released after getting a permit from the administrator
  • Provisioning management such as the creation/ change/ deletion of the collected OU and GROUP
  • Computers collection and inquiry
  • Domain information management