Identity Manangement for System

Full and complete ‘integration’ and ‘managing automation’ are needed for easier and more powerful security.
HIWARE Identity Management for System manages all user accounts scattered across systems in an integrated fashion by interworking a client’s HR system. It also automates the account and password management process for work efficiency and for more complete security.

HIWARE Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management for System
Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security Devices
Identity Management for Database
Identity Management Active Directory

Main Features

  • Collects accounts of all systems and OS in HIWARE’s agentless technology.
  • Improves security with SSH collection mode
  • Provisioning management such as creation/ change/ deletion of accounts in batch
  • Application and management of account policies in diverse ways
  • Linkage with all systems and easy real-user synchronization
  • Automatic authority setting & password management on each user account
  • Integrated management of passwords
  • Auto-password change through scheduling
  • Diverse creation rule setting and periodic password change
  • Notifying the administrator of password change
  • Change password before expiration
  • Integrated management after collection of accounts scattered across heterogeneous devices
  • Management policy planning and customized management by account attribute
  • Authorization with grant type for protocol, period, auto/semi-auto login
  • Auto deletion of conventional authorities and mapping of the basic authority data of HR system such as reshuffle the personnel
  • Regular check on the validity of user account
  • Auto detection of threatening from ghost/ broken, inactive and locked accounts
  • Detection of accounts with an expired ID/Password and auto-locking
  • Auto locking and deletion of unnecessary accounts
  • The locked account can be released after getting a permit from the administrator

Expectation Effects

Low Security
  • Hard to manage the status of all accounts
  • Unable to find illegal accounts
  • Different account policies by device
  • A risk of account's ID/PWD hack
Security vulnerability due to the poor management for numerous accounts
Poor Work Efficiency
  • Manual account management
  • Manual periodical change of passwords
  • Complicated account/ authority application procedures
  • Spending too much effots and time on account/ password management
Heavy workload due to manual account/password management
High Security
  • Account collection and integrated management
  • Auto detection of illegal accounts
  • Accounting standard policy
  • Prevetion of accoun/password hack
Enhanced security through the integrated management of scattered account and unification of account policies
Saving Work Efficiency
  • Account life-Cycle Managemetn
  • Auto password management
  • Auto mapping user authority
  • Saving cost and time for management
Improvement of work efficiency through the auto account/password management