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Sales Increased By 20% Last Year with Technology Even in the Midst of COVID-19

Many companies are suffering from the aftermath of COVID-19, but some companies showed fierce growth this year, with sales rising 20% year-on-year such as NETAND Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin Ho Chul); a company specializing in integrated access and account management.

Founded in 2007, NETAND has secured many enterprise customers with its flagship product “HIWARE” and has become a leading company in the field of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Management (IM) in Korea.

HIWARE is an integrated PAM and IM solution that enables security management for major IT infrastructure systems such as PAM for system and DB, IM for system, DB, AD and CCTV password management. It integrates and manages accounts scattered among various equipment, and automatically manages the account life cycle and passwords in conjunction with corporate and institutional personnel systems for collected accounts. It eliminates vulnerabilities, such as password leakage and theft of dormant accounts.

HIWARE also strengthens security by separating access and task privileges based on users’ roles and the requirements for their tasks. Authorized users must successfully login through a thorough authentication process for all types of access, tasks. The Real-time Monitoring feature also makes it possible to implement a “zero trust security” environment.

Another advantage is that HIWARE can be used flexibly in various environments. The same functionality is provided not only in the existing legacy environments, but also in cloud environments. Through cooperation with major cloud vendors, APIs can be linked to integrated management of dynamically changed and allocated resources in a cloud environment, and resource fluctuations such as the number of virtual equipment and IP addresses can be reflected in real time to solve management difficulties.

With these advantages, HIWARE is currently widely used in public institutions and companies. In the field of PAM for system, it has continuously achieved the first place in procurement sales since 2014, becoming a steady seller in the market. Meanwhile, NETAND has been recognized for its technology in various places this year, including GS certification, CC certification, and a Notable Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Asia/Pacific Context: Magic Quadrant TM. In particular, PAM for DB solution obtained the EAL4 grade, which is the highest grade that can be obtained with CC certification.

Source: The Korea Economic Daily,

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