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Selected as one of the top “National 1000 Innovative Enterprises” for Identity and Access Management Solutions

NETAND, specializing in integrated access and identity management solutions, announced that it was selected last month in the information and communication field of the “National 1000 Innovative Enterprises.”

The “National 1000 Innovative Enterprises” is a program in which 10 government ministries, including the Financial Services Commission, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, work together to discover and support 1,000 innovative companies with high future growth potential by industry. Those companies receive various financial support and non-financial policy support such as technology and management consulting.

NETAND was selected as the fourth “National 1000 Innovative Enterprises” in the field of information and communication by the Ministry of Science and ICT in recognition of its expertise and global competitiveness in its flagship product “HIWARE.” In the fourth round, 235 companies were selected for the fourth round, with a cumulative 835 innovative companies selected so far, and the government announced plans to select all 1,000 companies in 2022.

HIWARE is a solution that enables integrated access and account management to systems, database management systems (DBMS), and active directory. Depending on the user, access and work rights are granted separately, and accounts scattered in various systems and databases are collected and managed integrally.

In addition, automated management of account lifecycle and passwords periodically eliminates security vulnerabilities caused by the theft of remaining retired accounts or illegal accounts. HIWARE is attracting attention not only in the domestic market but also abroad as a product that can block external threats as well as internal human security threats.

An official from NETAND said, “Each government department highly praised NETAND’s technology, innovation, and future growth and recognized it as a national innovative company. We will focus on developing innovative technologies and products using various support systems.”

Source : Electronic Times,

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